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Salesforce Connections 2024 Insights

Trailblazers took over Chicago for Salesforce Connections 2024. Ascend Technologies had a blast making new connections, and networking with marketers and innovators, plus we hosted a happy hour reception after Day 1!

Let’s dive into the TL;DR version of Connections 2024 with a 3-minute recap.

Posted on May 30, 2024

Manufacturer Delivers on Customer Service Experience with Salesforce Service Cloud

Delivering exceptional customer service is critical for manufacturers across the globe. At Ascend Technologies, we specialize in helping these organizations elevate their customer service functions using Salesforce Service Cloud.

Today, we're excited to share the success story of a leading global provider of flavors, fragrances, and cosmetic actives, serving a diverse set of markets. Our...

Posted on May 30, 2024

What is Salesforce Data Cloud?

Creating meaningful customer relationships is paramount for any organization’s success. That’s where Salesforce Data Cloud comes into play. This game-changing platform is designed to unify and leverage company and customer data across every touchpoint in the customer journey. But what exactly is Salesforce Data Cloud, and how can you use it in your approach to customer relationships?

Let's dive...

Posted on April 19, 2024

Safeguarding Your Business Against AI Cybersecurity Threats

As AI continues to evolve, it brings unparalleled benefits to society and the business world. However, in an article by OpenAI, they shed light on a darker aspect of AI's evolution — its potential misuse by state-affiliated threat actors.

According to a report by Forrester Research, 8 out of 10 cyber decision-makers expect AI to increase the scale and speed of attacks. As a Technology Solutions...

Posted on March 26, 2024

Case Study: Empowering a Health Clinic with IT Services

Ascend Technologies is more than just an IT solutions provider; we're dedicated partners committed to our clients' success. Recently, we had the privilege to significantly improve the IT infrastructure of a struggling health clinic, showcasing our commitment to making a meaningful impact.

Posted on March 13, 2024

Transportation Company Enhances Customer Experience

At Ascend Technologies, we're thrilled to spotlight the success story of a transportation company specializing in final-mile delivery logistics solutions. Partnering together, we enabled a direct line of communication between our client and their customers.

Posted on February 29, 2024

Defending Against Advanced Cyberattacks: 3 Essential Security Solutions

At the start of the year, Microsoft detected a nation-state cyberattack on its corporate systems, highlighting the widespread impact and seriousness of these threats. After defeating the threat, Microsoft shared a blog post detailing the incident as a case study resource for the cybersecurity community.

Let's dive into what an advanced cyberattack looks like and the security solutions that will...

Posted on February 27, 2024

Leveraging an Technology Solution Partner for Hardware & Software Sourcing

Managing the procurement of hardware and software can be daunting for organizations. From evaluating the myriad of available options to negotiating costs and ensuring compatibility, the complexities can divert valuable resources away from core business functions. This is where the expertise of a Technology Solution Partner becomes invaluable.

Posted on February 20, 2024

Salesforce Spring '24 Release

With the arrival of the spring season comes the much-anticipated Spring '24 Salesforce Release. Packed with exciting new features and enhancements, this release promises to elevate your Salesforce experience. Join us as we reveal our top 5 favorite features that stand out amidst the spring blossoms.

Posted on February 15, 2024

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM) vs Microsoft Intune: What's the Difference?

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM), formerly System Center Configuration Manager, and Intune are popular Microsoft tools for managing and deploying software and devices in an organization.

While both tools serve similar purposes, there are some key differences. Let's explore those differences to help you determine which tool is best for your organization's needs.

Posted on February 15, 2024

Microsoft Azure Cloud Cost Optimization: 7 Common Cost Drivers

Navigating cloud expenses is a critical challenge for many organizations leveraging Microsoft Azure. While Azure offers a wide range of powerful features and capabilities, managing these resources efficiently is key to avoiding spiraling costs.

You can master your Azure spending, but before we dive into the solution, let's understand why it's important and how to identify the issue.

Posted on February 06, 2024

Is Salesforce Shield a Necessity?

Organizations are facing a crucial question: Is classic encryption (included with Salesforce base licenses) enough to protect sensitive data or do I need Salesforce Shield?  Consider this blog your ultimate guide to unraveling the difference between classic encryption and Shield platform encryption as well as the additional features Shield provides. Let's delve into the layers of protection...

Posted on February 05, 2024

Understanding Cybersecurity: A Real-World Cybersecurity Incident Analysis

Real incidents provide the hardest and most valuable lessons. Imagine a regular workday transformed instantly into a battleground against invisible digital adversaries. This isn't a scene from a spy thriller; it's a real-life scenario that unfolded within a corporate network, leading to a security breach. The incident in question didn't just expose vulnerabilities; it provided a blueprint for...

Posted on February 01, 2024

Change Your Password: The Secret to Making it Strong & Memorable

The strength of your password is often the first line of defense against cyber threats (and MFA should be the second, but more on that another time). As we continue to enhance our security measures, all of us must understand the importance of creating strong passwords.

The concept might seem complex, but it's quite simple when broken down. Let's look at how you can create a secure password...

Posted on January 22, 2024

Salesforce Client Success Story: Koltin Consulting Group, Inc.


Koltin Consulting Group, Inc. (KCG) is a Chicago-based consulting firm that specializes in working with professional and financial services firms in the areas of practice growth, practice management, human capital, and mergers & acquisitions. As a top provider of management and marketing solutions to professional services firms, KCG has deep relationships...

Posted on January 12, 2024

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