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What Do You Have That Cyber Criminals Want?

What Do You Have That Cyber Criminals Want?

Cyber Target
Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 10/5/17 12:17 PM

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You may not realize it, but you, your company, and your employees are all targets for cyber criminals. Computers, mobile devices, accounts and your information all have tremendous value.

Usernames & Passwords

If your computer or mobile devices are compromised, cyber criminals can install programs on your computer that can log all of your keystrokes. This program is called a keylogger. Keyloggers can be used to log your information to any account, such as:

  • Banking
  • Email
  • iCloud or Google Drive
  • Online Shopping


Email Harvesting

Once access is obtained, cyber criminals can read your email for information they can use to sell to others. Cyber criminals can also send emails from your account that can be used to phish your contacts or to distribute malware.


Virtual Goods

If your computer is compromised, cyber criminals can copy, steal, and sell your virtual goods including:

  • Online Gaming Codes
  • Software Licenses
  • Operating System Licenses



Cyber criminals can use your computer as part of a botnet. A botnet is a group of computers that are all working towards a common goal. Cyber criminals can utilize your compromised device to send out millions of spam emails or launch a Denial of Service attack. A Denial of Service attack is where cyber criminals attempt to prevent legitimate users from accessing the service. This Denial of Service does not only affect network infrastructure, but it can also affect your local workstation.


Identity Hijacking

Your online identity can be stolen and used to commit fraud or sell your identity to others. The cyber criminals can open fake email and social media accounts, online shopping, and much more in your name.


Web Server

Your compromised device can also be turned into a webserver, which can be used for criminal activity, such as:

  • Hosting phishing websites to steal other people’s usernames and passwords
  • Hosting attacking tools that will hack other computers
  • Distributing child pornography, pirated videos, or stolen music



Cyber criminals can scan your system looking for valuable information, for example:

  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Tax Records
  • Financial Investment or Retirement Plans
  • Social Security Numbers



Finally, if your device is compromised, cyber criminals can take over your computer and demand money. They can do this in several ways, including:

  • Taking pictures of you with your computer’s web camera
  • Ransomware – Encrypting all the data on your computer and demanding payment to decrypt it
  • Tracking the websites you visit and threatening to publish that history


Good News – Infogressive Can Help

Being a target is unnerving, but it shouldn’t keep you up at night. We can help. Infogressive uses industry-leading technology to help secure your company’s network and each endpoint. Cybersecurity is what we do.

  • Zero Breaches – Our security effectiveness is proven by our record of ZERO data breaches
  • Superior Customer Service – Our average ticket response time is less than 15 minutes and our average resolution time is less than 2 hours
  • Money Savings – We have saved our customers an average of 50% on their security spending over a 3-year period

Just because you’re a target for cyber criminals doesn’t mean you have to be their next victim. 


Phishing & Security Awareness Training


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