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Transportation Tech Company Streamlines Sales Process

Transportation Tech Company Streamlines Sales Process

Transportation Tech Company Streamlines Sales Process
Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 11/20/23 11:46 AM

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This Midwest Transportation Tech Company has emerged as an industry leader in selling, installing, and maintaining traffic solutions across the United States. We're excited to unveil the success story that redefined their sales process, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


In the wake of multiple acquisitions, this organization faced challenges with disjointed CRM technologies. The absence of a unified system hindered seamless operations, coupled with a lack of visibility into crucial sales and pipeline reporting. Additionally, tracking email communications on deals became a major hurdle.


To address these challenges head-on, our team implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, introducing essential features like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Validation Rules, and Flow for Email Notifications. This strategic move aimed to streamline contact and deal pipeline management. Simultaneously, custom Reports and Dashboards were tailored to provide unparalleled visibility.

In a bid to empower their organization internally, a dedicated client resource provided training to administer and manage the Salesforce platform independently. 


Reporting mechanisms saw a substantial improvement, with enhanced activity tracking and a noticeable boost in data accuracy and quality. The sales process was streamlined and standardized, with Salesforce Sales Cloud emerging as the singular source of truth for customer and opportunity data.

The implementation was not only successful but also cost-efficient. This Transportation Tech Company now operates on an implementation that was 20% under the estimated budget.


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This success story underscores the power of strategic Salesforce implementation in the transportation and infrastructure sector. If you're in need of a similar transformation for your organization, let's connect!

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