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At Ascend Technologies, we're thrilled to spotlight the success story of a transportation company specializing in final-mile delivery logistics solutions. Partnering together, we enabled a direct line of communication between our client and their customers.


Before our involvement, the customer was unable to quantify delivery status and engage effectively with retail partners and recipients. Additionally, inefficient and outdated methods of customer communication hindered progress. The absence of a portal to serve customers and agents created barriers to efficient operations. Furthermore, the inability to leverage Lightning features while still on the Classic platform presented limitations.


In response to these challenges, our team implemented a comprehensive solution tailored to the transportation company's unique needs. Our experts enhanced Service Cloud features, including Omnichannel and live chat, to facilitate collaborative customer support. They also configured case management, custom survey functionality, and Lightning Knowledge for enhanced efficiency. Integrating the AS400 back-end inventory system streamlined operations, while the implementation of Experience Cloud transitioned portal functionalities from Visualforce to Lightning Communities for a modernized customer experience.



The transformative efforts resulted in remarkable outcomes for our transportation partner. They now enjoy static maps and live delivery tracking, empowering customers to monitor shipments in real-time. The team is equipped with detailed delivery and package updates for each order, enhancing operational transparency. Expanded customer service capabilities across multiple business units have improved overall service quality. Additionally, the deployment of Omnichannel for case and chat support routing has enhanced customer service efficiency.

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Our experts empowered our transportation partner to redefine last-mile logistics through strategic collaboration and innovative solutions. The journey from challenges to triumphs underscores the power of partnership and innovation in achieving operational excellence.

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