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Transforming Insurance with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Transforming Insurance with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 6/15/23 2:27 PM

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In today's technology-centered environment, it's essential to have a robust and efficient marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve. Insurance carriers are no exception to this rule. To reduce costs and consolidate services, Ascend was approached by Salesforce to assist an insurance carrier seeking to transition from Pardot and Sales Cloud to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Recognizing the need for improved efficiencies, the carrier collaborated with Ascend to analyze their setup and craft a seamless transition plan. By consolidating its marketing operations with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the carrier achieved remarkable outcomes. They streamlined processes, eliminated duplication, and harnessed advanced marketing automation and data-driven insights, resulting in cost savings and targeted customer engagement.

Join us on this transformative journey as we explore the challenges faced by the insurance carrier, the strategic decision to consolidate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and the extraordinary benefits attained. Discover how you can optimize your insurance marketing efforts, enhance operations, and unlock new levels of success with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


The client faced multiple challenges that hindered their marketing efforts, including the lack of automated marketing processes and the inability to execute customer journeys effectively. They also struggled with the absence of personalized messaging and inaccurate data, leading to technical debt. These challenges prevented the client from achieving their marketing goals and restricted their ability to engage with their target audience effectively.


Ascend stepped in to support this client by implementing the necessary features and functionalities of Marketing Cloud. Our experts also provided the sales team with pre-approved branded marketing messages through Distributed Marketing, user training on Journey Builder, and assisted in cleaning up the data to reduce technical debt. This enabled the client to overcome the challenges they were facing and streamline their marketing efforts for better results.


Following the implementation of new Marketing Cloud features, Ascend was able to significantly increase the effectiveness of personalized messaging for marketing outreach to agents. The team's adoption of the platform also saw great improvement, thanks to training in effectively utilizing Journey Builder. Moreover, pre-approved looks and agent messaging through Distributed Marketing enabled the team to work more efficiently, while reducing technical debt and ensuring data accuracy led to improvements in key metrics.

As a result, Ascend became the partner of choice for this insurance carrier. Their appreciation for Ascend’s knowledge and resources has since impacted their decision to become a Managed Services client.

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