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Manufacturer Delivers on Customer Service Experience with Salesforce Service Cloud

Manufacturer Delivers on Customer Service Experience with Salesforce Service Cloud

Manufacturer Delivers on Customer Service Experience with Salesforce Service Cloud
Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 5/30/24 4:26 PM

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Delivering exceptional customer service is critical for manufacturers across the globe. At Ascend Technologies, we specialize in helping these organizations elevate their customer service functions using Salesforce Service Cloud.

Today, we're excited to share the success story of a leading global provider of flavors, fragrances, and cosmetic actives, serving a diverse set of markets. Our collaboration aimed to streamline their customer service operations and enhance the overall customer experience.


Our client faced significant challenges in maintaining a cohesive and comprehensive view of their customers. The use of three disparate ERP systems led to gaps in the customer profile, making it difficult to deliver a 360-degree view.

Additionally, the lack of standardized processes resulted in inconsistencies, impacting the ability to ensure a positive customer experience. Coordinating services across different departments and geographies was another hurdle that needed to be addressed.


To address these challenges, Ascend Technologies implemented Salesforce Service Cloud, designing common processes that leveraged the Service Console across various geographies and product lines. This implementation provided a unified platform for managing customer interactions.

We also developed customer segmentation to differentiate between service offerings, ensuring tailored and effective support for each segment. Integrating a single ERP data source was a pivotal move, consolidating process and product documentation and eliminating data silos.


Employees experienced a significant enhancement in their workflow, with fewer systems needed to resolve service calls, leading to a more efficient and streamlined process. This change increased first-call resolution rates, directly contributing to improved customer satisfaction. The ability to provide accurate answers, commit to delivery timelines, and coordinate resources effectively was bolstered by constant collaboration with the Sales, Quality, and Product teams.

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By addressing the disconnect in customer profiles and standardizing processes, Ascend helped take their customer service to new heights. The improvements in employee experience, first-call resolution, and overall customer satisfaction highlight the success of this initiative.

If your company is facing similar challenges in customer service and seeking to enhance operational efficiency, Ascend is here to help. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your customer service experience and drive your business forward.


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