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In today's dynamic business landscape, countless companies are unknowingly leaving a goldmine of untapped potential within their Salesforce platforms. Is your organization one of them? Imagine the possibilities and growth opportunities awaiting you once you harness the full capabilities of Salesforce tailored specifically to your industry.

Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, possesses a multitude of powerful features and functionalities designed to drive business success. However, without proper optimization and personalization, its true potential often remains hidden, stifling growth and hindering progress.

Consider the case of an international ink manufacturer that partnered with Ascend Technologies. Our team of experts took the time to understand the client's business needs and quickly identified their pain points. The main one being a lack of internal technical resources leading to a backlog of Salesforce enhancements. 

By bridging the gap between their goals and their current platform capabilities, we transformed their org for exponential growth. Learn how we collaborated with the client to develop the best solution for their business needs.


Due to the absence of a trusted partner and internal Salesforce technical expertise, the client's org was significantly underutilized. Furthermore, the client had insufficient day-to-day business process integration. This, combined with a stringent security model configuration, led to restricted visibility and collaboration. 


Using our years of expertise in the manufacturing and Salesforce space, we respectfully challenged them to think outside the box and try new processes that might work better for their needs. Our engagement positioned them to better plan for broadening their Salesforce path and to make significant enhancements while reducing their backlog. 


Team Ascend enhanced their Salesforce org to align with their business processes, which led to increased user adoption and efficiencies. We also developed meaningful reporting and dashboards for better decision-making and proactive customer touchpoints. This allowed the client to better identify white space and competitor information while improving Salesforce security. The overall result was better visibility and collaboration between business units. 

Need some help?

If you're facing similar challenges with Salesforce adoption or a lack of internal resources, we're here to help. Our team is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that meet your specific needs and help your organization succeed.

Contact us to learn more about how we can optimize your Salesforce org and improve your overall business processes. 

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