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Salesforce Client Success Story: Hirsh Industries LLC

Salesforce Client Success Story: Hirsh Industries LLC

Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 11/10/23 10:00 AM

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Hirsh Industries LLC



Hirsh Industries, LLC manufactures and supplies metal filing, storage, and organizational products for personal and commercial use. Their products work together to provide comprehensive, functional, and stylish storage systems. Hirsh prides itself on providing quality products that represent outstanding value to end-users, supply chain excellence, and world-class customer service.


Hirsh Industries identified several key challenges that hindered operational efficiency and future growth.

Prior to partnering with Ascend, the teams encountered a fragmented experience resulting from the concurrent use of Salesforce Classic and Lightning interfaces. This lack of uniformity resulted in confusion and inefficiency, making it essential to streamline their Salesforce interface. In addition, the absence of a well-defined account structure and hierarchy across teams made it challenging to manage customer relationships and collaborate effectively.


To address these challenges and transform Hirsh’s Salesforce org, Ascend’s experts worked closely with Hirsh to craft a comprehensive solution that encompassed several key actions.

First and foremost, Ascend initiated a smooth migration, transitioning all Hirsh users and teams to the Salesforce Lightning interface. This migration ensured a consistent and user-friendly experience for the entire organization. Recognizing the importance of empowering Hirsh’s internal Salesforce Admins, we provided extensive training to their team. This training empowered them with the knowledge and skills necessary to independently manage the Salesforce organization, reducing reliance on external support. Ascend’s approach prioritized the use of standard declarative functionality over custom solutions, simplifying and optimizing Sales Cloud. By leveraging the platform's built-in capabilities, we ensured greater stability and ease of maintenance. Further enhancing customer service operations, the "email to case" process was enhanced, resulting in quicker issue resolution and improved customer support.


The transformation of Hirsh’s Salesforce org led to a range of significant outcomes and benefits that positively impacted operations moving forward.

The transition to Salesforce Lightning enhanced internal cohesion within the organization, providing a seamless user experience for both the Sales and Service teams, effectively minimizing confusion and enhancing operational efficiency. Extensive training and support empowered their internal Salesforce Admins to independently manage the organization, reducing their reliance on external support and improving the efficiency of operations. Reflecting the success of the project and the significantly improved user experience, user adoption soared by over 300% in just the last 12 months. Perhaps one of the greatest outcomes, by effectively utilizing Salesforce data for reporting, Hirsh is now able to make faster business decisions and proactively resolve issues for their customers.

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