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Traditional vs Advanced Malware Prevention

Traditional vs Advanced Malware Prevention

Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 8/23/17 1:32 PM

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Think of the last time you purchased a brand new car. What if it didn’t work after only one day? You jump in your shiny new ride, fasten your seat belt and turn the ignition, and … nothing. The car won’t start.

You might head back into the dealership (if you can find a ride). “I just bought a brand new car from you and now it won’t start!” The dealer shrugs and says “well it worked yesterday didn’t it? You can’t expect it to work ALL the time!”

None of us would accept a brand new car that only works some of the time. Why do we accept that from costly antivirus software?


New Car VS Traditional AV

We'd like to challenge you to think about the anti-virus software industry. 

Imagine you went and bought a brand new corvette off the lot, you park it in the garage overnight, and the next morning you go to drive it and it doesn't start. Would you...

A. Accept that...


B. Take it back and demand your money back?


For over a decade, businesses have spent thousands of dollars on anti-virus software that hasn't been working. But we continue to see businesses renew the same software over and over because they're familiar with that brand name, even though malware continues to get past it and infect computers, costing them time and money.

If you're buying software and it's not working, it's time to demand more from your malware prevention solution.


Learn more about how traditional signature-based anti-virus works... and why sometimes, it doesn't.

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