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It’s time for the Summer '24 Salesforce Release to make its debut! Packed with game-changing updates, this release promises to take your Salesforce experience to new heights. Join us as we unveil our top 5 favorite features that are set to make waves this season.

Let's dive in!

Salesforce Summer '24 ReleaseSource: Salesforce

1. Einstein

Revolutionizing the Salesforce platform with artificial intelligence (AI) has been the focus of Salesforce releases since Einstein was introduced in 2016. With over twelve key releases for Einstein, these features have expanded efficiency for end users and administrators. Einstein now has the capability to draft flows for administrators by providing a description of the automation. This is done by simply writing out the instructions for the flow. From there, the drafted flow can be refined to meet the process automation needs outlined. This functionality enhances the efficiency of creating process automation while simultaneously expanding the abilities of low code process automation with Flows.

Einstein - New FlowSource: Salesforce

Einstein - Describe Your AutomationSource: Salesforce

For Sales Cloud, sales teams can now leverage Einstein to draft sales emails faster. When creating an email from any email action, simply hit Draft with Einstein and let the power of AI assist with crafting the perfect email. This feature ensures consistency in communication and helps sales representatives save time, allowing them to focus on closing deals rather than composing emails.

 Einstein - Draft Email
Source: Salesforce

The Benefit: Boost productivity and consistency with AI-driven automation and communication.

2. Financial Services Cloud

Organizations can now leverage the household Application Programming Interface (API) for wealth management unmanaged package. Once installed, it can retrieve details for Household members, Household Financial Accounts, Household Assets, and Household Liabilities. Organizations can return all relevant information about the objects creating a consolidated view of each client's household data without having to perform any development work to do so. This consolidation provides financial advisors with a comprehensive understanding of their clients' financial situations, enabling better-personalized advice and service.

The Benefit: Gain comprehensive client insights effortlessly for superior financial advisory services.

3. Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing Cloud can now handle mass asset recalls through Product Service Campaigns. When your organization needs to service a faulty asset or product, the execution of those efforts can be organized with campaigns. This feature enables efficient tracking of recall activities at scale, ensuring that services are carried out effectively while maintaining customer trust through clear and streamlined communications. By managing recalls efficiently, companies can minimize downtime, reduce costs, and maintain customer loyalty by ensuring timely and effective resolution of issues.

The Benefit: Efficiently manage recalls upholding product quality and customer trust.

4. Data Cloud

Salesforce released a handful of enhancements for Data Cloud aimed at unlocking deeper insights and improving the quality of overall data. Notable releases include the ability unlock data insights from unstructured information including call notes and chat transcripts. Historically, this type of data has been difficult to gather insights from and in some cases assemble basic metrics. The ingestion of data where quality issues exist is now captured by creating a record with the new ‘Problems Records’ data lake object (DLO). Another notable feature is the ability to export up to 50,000 rows of data to use for external purposes.

These enhancements significantly improve the ability to derive actionable insights from previously untapped data sources, allowing organizations to make more informed decisions. The export functionality also provides greater flexibility in data utilization, supporting advanced analytics and reporting needs.

The Benefit: Unlock and leverage deeper data insights for strategic decision-making.

5. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Account Engagement now has the ability to send operational emails to prospects who have opted out of marketing emails directly from Engagement Studio. Previously this had to be done as list emails. This feature increases operational efficiency by automating email sends directly from Account Engagement, eliminating the need for manual execution while having to swivel to Salesforce for all operational emails. It ensures that customers are kept informed about essential updates related to their ongoing business with your organization.

The Benefit: Streamline critical communications while respecting customer preferences.


Embrace the Summer '24 Salesforce Release

From Einstein to Account Engagement these top 5 standout features offer a mere glimpse into the transformative potential awaiting you in the Summer '24 release.

Excited to dive deeper? Reach out to our team of experts today to explore the latest innovations and guide your path to success. Let's embark on this journey together!

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Written by Tom Palaia, Salesforce Sales Engineer