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With the arrival of the spring season comes the much-anticipated Spring '24 Salesforce Release. Packed with exciting new features and enhancements, this release promises to elevate your Salesforce experience. Join us as we reveal our top 5 favorite features that stand out amidst the spring blossoms.

Spring '24 ReleaseSource: Salesforce

1. Multi-Select Picklist Limitations Prompt

This Salesforce general update now guides administrators on the limitations of multi-select picklists before creating the field type in Salesforce. Previously, when not privy to the limitations of the multi-select picklist, administrators would incur the limitations and, in most cases, migrate the data to a new field type to avoid solving the automation and reporting inefficiencies.

Multi-Select PicklistSource: Salesforce

2. Financial Services Cloud Einstein Activity Capture Event Sync

Events organized by external users now sync to your integrated calendar with Einstein Activity Capture, keeping calendars and availability up to date. The new feature promotes a Salesforce user as the owner of the interaction record, syncing the event details to Salesforce with the newly assigned owner’s calendar.

Previously, only events organized by Salesforce users were synced to Salesforce from connected calendars.

3. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Advanced & Premium Editions only)

Leverage generative AI to streamline content creation to quickly generate forms, landing pages, email subject lines, and email body content with Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement.


4. Einstein Search Is Enabled by Default

Salesforce customers now have Einstein Search enabled and ready to configure to the specific needs of the organization by default. The AI-enabled search finds data based on the objects and records used the most to accelerate productivity. End users are enabled to update records quickly while also reducing clicks to find the information needed.


5. Sales Planning Optimization with Sales Cloud Maps Lite

Keep sales reps focused on meeting and exceeding sales targets as they plan in-person visits with Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. By identifying customers and prospects on a map, sales reps can plan their routes, drive fewer miles, and have more meetings.

Sales Cloud Maps Lite
Source: Salesforce

For a detailed run-down of the Spring' ’24 Release, check out the Release Notes


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Written by Tom Palaia, Salesforce Sales Engineer 

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