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Salesforce Connections 2024 Insights

Salesforce Connections 2024 Insights

Salesforce Connections Insights 2024
Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 5/30/24 4:31 PM

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Trailblazers took over Chicago for Salesforce Connections 2024. Ascend Technologies had a blast making new connections, and networking with marketers and innovators, plus we hosted a happy hour reception after Day 1!

Let’s dive into the TL;DR version of Connections 2024 with a 3-minute recap.

"All of us are struggling with islands of trapped data across the enterprise. A lot of us have our core customer data in Salesforce, but a lot of us also have tons of customer data in different places. If we’re going to have the ability to ground the AI in trusted data, we need to be able to have access to all of it.”

- Ariel Kelman, President & CMO | Salesforce

5 Steps to the AI EnterpriseSource: Salesforce


  1. Introduction of Einstein CoPilot across various Salesforce clouds, including Marketing and Commerce, showcasing Salesforce's advancements in AI, enabling personalized customer interactions, and efficient workflow automation.
  2. Integrations and enhancements in Tableau and Slack, powered by AI, are transforming data analytics and collaboration, providing real-time insights and facilitating more effective communication across enterprise teams.
  3. Einstein CoPilot's introduction to Marketing Cloud enables marketers to create campaigns quickly and confidently, using rich business data for personalization.
  4. Data Cloud enhancements provide marketers with an open and flexible ecosystem, facilitating access to structured and unstructured data for better forecasting and customer profiling.
  5. Einstein Personalization represents a significant leap in cross-enterprise personalization, driving more effective customer engagement and increased ROI.


Brian Mamassian at the Salesforce Einstein FeatureSalesforce Connections 2024

Salesforce Connections 2024 Wrap Up Party - VWoven + BoundSalesforce Connections 2024 Wrap Up Party - VWoven + Bound



Ascend always enjoys connecting with our customers and partners at Connections. Ready to put together a roadmap for success? Ascend is your trusted advisor for all things Salesforce. Need help with your data strategy? Ascend has you covered! Grab time with our team to continue the conversation.



Ascend Technologies is a Salesforce consulting partner enabling growth and innovation. Ascend ensures a seamless IT journey, encompassing all Salesforce clouds and top ecosystem partners. As a Salesforce Partner since 2009, we have completed 800+ successful projects.

In addition to providing Salesforce expertise, we enable organizations to succeed through holistic IT offerings including cybersecurity, cloud, infrastructure, and help desk. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and YouTube.

Written by Brian Mamassian, Salesforce Consulting Advisor 



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