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15 Signs You Need an IT Partner

15 Signs You Need an IT Partner

15 Signs You Need an IT Partner
Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 8/14/23 3:06 PM

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Your IT is the backbone of your organization, so you want to consider all your options for managing your technology. Managing your own in-house team requires a lot of ongoing time and costs, including recruiting, training, wages, benefits, and turnover. The alternate or complementary option is to find a trusted IT partner or Managed Service Provider (MSP).

An IT partner provides your organization with supplemental support, acting as an extension of your internal team. They're not going to replace your internal team completely. Instead, they assist by filling in where you may have gaps.

An MSP provides support with monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and, depending on your provider, implementation. This gives your internal team the bandwidth to focus on more important projects while providing 24 x7x365 support.


Signs That You Need Help

Now that we've covered your options, let's talk about why you would choose one over the other. Organizations have different reasons, but from our experience, these are the main issues that suggest it's time to find an IT partner.


Your IT Staff Are Overworked

Your technology keeps your organization running, and at the core of that is your IT team. They are crucial to keep business running smoothly, but they can't do that if they have too much on their plate. Having a burnt-out IT team has consequences that trickle down into other aspects of your business. Here are some indicators that your internal IT team is overworked:

  1. Frequent Overtime: consistently working beyond regular working hours means you have a lack of needed staff which leads to burnout
  2. High Volume of Support Requests: this may indicate a need for more technology and additional staff to support that technology
  3. Delayed Response Times: taking longer to respond to inquiries or resolve issues due to the overwhelming workload
  4. Decline in Service Quality: noticeable decrease in the quality resulting from stretched resources and limited time
  5. Increased Stress Levels: signs of stress, burnout, or frustration due to the high demands of their workload
  6. Missed Deadlines: delays due to the lack of available time and resources
  7. Escalation of IT Incidents: frequent escalation of IT incidents to higher-level staff or management due to the inability to handle the workload effectively
  8. Reduced Innovation and Upgrades: less time available for implementing new technologies, upgrades, or innovative projects due to constant firefighting
  9. Decreased Employee Morale: overall morale declines as a result of excessive workload and job dissatisfaction
  10. Incomplete Documentation: essential documentation and knowledge management tasks being overlooked or left incomplete due to time constraints
  11. High Turnover: Increased turnover may suggest employees are leaving due to stress and workload
  12. Increased Errors: mistakes or errors occurring during routine tasks or projects due to fatigue and pressure
  13. Lack of Training and Professional Development: unable to attend training sessions or industry events because of workload constraints
  14. Neglected Maintenance: system maintenance tasks being postponed or overlooked due to more pressing issues, leading to potential system vulnerabilities
  15. Limited Capacity for Strategic Planning: inability to dedicate time to strategic planning and long-term IT initiatives due to day-to-day operational demands

If you notice these indicators within your IT team, it may be time to assess their workload. Consider strategies to alleviate their burden, such as hiring additional staff or outsourcing certain tasks. A healthy and well-supported IT team is crucial for the efficient functioning of your organization's technological infrastructure.


Ascend Can Help

As a Managed Service Provider, we know the importance of your IT Infrastructure. We partner with organizations of varying sizes across multiple industries to keep their internal operations reliable and efficient. Our solutions span a wide range of services, including managed cybersecurity, backup solutions, cloud & infrastructure management, service desk, and more.

Not sure what you need? Our team of experts is here to guide you along your IT journey to determine the solutions needed for your organization. We help create a roadmap to help you reach your goals while providing the tools and resources needed to support your internal teams.

To learn more, reach out to talk to an expert or check these free resources:

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