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Managing Data in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Managing Data in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Posted by ASCEND TECHNICAL TEAM on 1/21/21 11:00 AM

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Maintaining data in a hybrid environment comes with its own set of challenges

In today’s data-driven economy, availability of data has become one of the most important factors in an organization’s success. Ensuring data remains available when issues occur provides organizations with the ability to maintain productivity throughout the business, even when disaster strikes.


Minimize Cost & Increase Business Continuity

Before cloud computing came along, organizations that wanted to maintain high availability had to pay for an extra data center and maintain a copy of the production environments (and sometimes non-prod as well). This can be a huge expense for something that, in theory, shouldn’t be used too often; except for periodically testing the failover functionality. By utilizing cloud infrastructure to ensure high availability of data services, organizations can avoid excessive data center expenses.


Cloud Selection

Where your data resides is equally as important to what it contains. It can be overwhelming to determine which cloud (Public, Private, Hybrid, or Multi) is the best for each data workload. When making a selection, organizations need to analyze their applications, performance goals, replication strategy, backup requirements, as well as migration readiness to determine the best configuration for each need. It is also important to design a flexible solution that can be adapted as often as your needs do. Optimization is the end goal.


Maintaining data across the hybrid environment.

Our Data Management team can design solutions that keep data in sync between on-premises and cloud platforms. Automatic replication, scheduled refreshes, and periodic restores are all possible to keep data available for rapid use in the event of data center failure.



Ascend Technologies can help your organization maintain availability in today’s high-demand world. This can keep an organization productive, even during major data center issues. Using the resilient nature of cloud computing, high availability can be maintained at a fraction of the cost of a duplicate on-premises data center. Let Ascend help you maintain uptime, and keep your customers happy, with a hybrid solution today!

Written by Andy Maser, Data Architect

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