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Team Ascend Employee Highlight – Shane

Team Ascend Employee Highlight – Shane

Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 7/5/20 1:37 PM

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Shane is an Ascend Technologies Salesforce Developer. He shared what it means to be part of a team.

What is your favorite sports team?

Philadelphia Phillies

What sports have you played?

I enjoy playing baseball, basketball and soccer.

What do you remember being the most valuable lesson or quote from a coach or someone that supported your team sport?

Getting critical feedback from a coach doesn’t mean they don’t like you but that they care about you getting better.

What lessons have you learned from being part of a sports team?

From people I know that have played sports at a higher level, I’ve learned that being competitive is the most important trait to motivate the training required to succeed.

What do you like the most about being part of the Ascend team?

I love that our team really acts like a team, and our main focus is supporting each other to succeed as a team. We work together to improve each other as individuals.

How do you relate the team experiences you have had to the way your team functions at Ascend? How have the experiences supported your success at Ascend and in your boarder career?

Everyone has a common goal on our team which is to build a successful company. I think that has helped me to better understand what it takes for a business to succeed as well as learn from people with different strengths and backgrounds.

What is your favorite team slogan, cheer or theme? How do bring this into your daily life?

I am from Philly so I really enjoy booing the other team’s players, referees and occasionally, my own team. As someone who has umpired many baseball games I know as long as you can separate life and sports, even negativity can bring people together when they share a common passion in sports.

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