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Data Management’s Role in Application Development

Data Management’s Role in Application Development

Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 5/3/20 10:30 AM

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Are your business applications not running optimally or incurring performance problems, causing lost productivity by your team members or frustration from clients? While many organizations primarily focus on improving the application or allocating more resources towards infrastructure when they run into issues like long processing times, transaction errors, and timeout failures, often the dependency of data management is missed.

Improve application efficiency by optimizing data usage

Today’s modern customer and employees expect quicker results and instant gratification; requiring websites and applications to respond instantly or they may go to competitors. It is becoming increasingly important to maintain the fastest possible response times for applications. In many cases, small-to-medium business may not have a full-fledged development team, so they rely on a small number of coders, or outsource their development offshore. This can lead to developers using generic queries to make sure the application works, but without considering best practices or highest efficiency. These can frequently be inefficient, take longer than necessary to return results, and can waste resources. This can add precious time to application functionality performance and drive up costs for storage and memory.

Data knowledge helps maintain application performance

Developers are experts at writing code. In many cases, however, the data behind an application is sometimes an afterthought. Injecting data management specialists into your development life cycle will round out your capabilities to mitigate knowledge gaps and improve performance across application dependent data technologies.

The solution:

By partnering with Ascend Technologies’ Data Management Team, organizations can minimize costs, reduce the time to market, and keep customers coming back due to good experiences. Our Data Management experts will:

  • Make recommendations on code design and before deployments
  • Handle releases to production for DDL (database changes); increasing security protocols by establishing divisions in access between those able to write new code and those able to access/release-to production environments. Mitigating the risk of potential bad-actors within the environment
  • Investigate data processing issues by reviewing database, DDL, and query design for best performance and best practices; helping reduce resource usage
  • Define organizational and application database standards
  • Help automating common tasks with stored procedures, which are more efficient than regular SQL queries
  • Ensure scheduled tasks for data archival and cleanup

Ascend shares data knowledge with developers to empower them to write better database code consistently; reducing the development life cycle effort and timeline by potentially eliminating issues before they even occur throughout testing and production. This means faster releases to production and quicker business results.


Ignoring data and focusing on development can be costly to a business, in terms of time-to-market, customer satisfaction, customer retention and increasing costs. Let Ascend help your organization stay ahead of your competitors.

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