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Analytics & Business Intelligence – empowering users, assisting analysts, and supporting the systems

Analytics & Business Intelligence – empowering users, assisting analysts, and supporting the systems

Posted by ASCEND TECHNICAL TEAM on 2/2/21 11:00 AM

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Today’s organizations are focusing more and more on data, analytics, and business intelligence to drive business decisions and profitability. They are becoming more reliant on the availability and accuracy of data, in order to maintain profitability.

Empowering Users

The primary purpose of data management is to make sure that data is available when, where, and to whom it is required. This availability of business-critical data empowers business users to make intelligent decisions and drive an organization’s productivity.   Putting the data they need in their hands, efficiently, helps business stay on top of industry trend, and provide direction on where an organization needs to focus to increase efficiency and drive profitability.

Assisting Analysts

Business analysts know their industry. They are the ones who most understand what data needs to be tracked, and what data/reports would be valuable. An outsourced data management team can work directly with an organization to ensure that timely, accurate data exists and is available when they need it, and can also assist with providing additional data that is useful, but not readily available.

Supporting the Systems

In order to keep all this information available to business users, somebody needs to keep an eye on the systems, integrations, and operations involved. Watching for failed jobs, building or updating analysis cubes, and keeping operational and data warehouse systems running in a highly available and highly efficient manner are all important to the effectiveness of organizational data. This can be accomplished by robust monitoring and alerting, as well as careful architecture and consideration, to make system metadata available.


Ascend Technologies can help with all facets of your analytical and business intelligence needs. It is this collection of data, from a myriad of disparate sources, that enables an organization to stay on top of trends, notice new patterns of activity, and drive decision making. Let us help you take control of your data!

Written by Andy Maser, Senior Data Engineer

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