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Whiteboard Wednesday Series
Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 8/9/17 2:55 PM

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It seems like there’s always a new buzzword or acronym emerging in the IT and Cybersecurity industries. It can be tough to keep up on what they are and what they mean. The differences between a Managed Services Provider (MSP) and a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) are sometimes difficult to decipher.

At Infogressive, we’re an MSSP but we partner with many fantastic MSPs to provide organizations the resources they need to keep their networks running reliably and protected. Check out this week’s Whiteboard Wednesdays video to learn more about MSPs and MSSPs!


MSPs v.s. MSSPs — with Kody

Let's talk about MSPs (Managed Service Providers) and MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers), the difference between them, and if you need them for your organization.

Tradtionally, small and medium-sized businesses are familiar with the MSP model — your traditional helpdesk, remote management, server administration, printer administration, maintenance, and other common IT services.

Infogressive is an MSSP, and we focus on cybersecurity only. You can read about our full list of offerings here: Infogressive.com/managed-security-services

Traditionally when you think of something like Healthcare, you have your family doctor that you go to for general issues, but if you need heart surgery you're going to go to a cardiac surgeon. That's how we approach the MSP vs MSSP model, with the idea that you should have both of them for your environment so the right people can focus on the areas of their expertise.  We also partner with MSPs to help provide our services to their small business clients, so we can focus on the cybersecurity and they can focus on their primary business. If you are an MSP, check out infogressive.com/partners to learn more about our Partner Program to bring cybersecurity services to your clients. 


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