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Are Your Customers Having the Best Possible Experience?

Are Your Customers Having the Best Possible Experience?

Posted by TEAM ASCEND on 11/6/20 10:19 AM

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It’s a troubling statistic. Did you know most customers do not believe brands care about their customer experience?

A market study by CCW found that only 11% of customers felt like brands genuinely cared about improving their experiences. And a slim 12% of customers felt like brands actually took action to improve their customer experience (CX). According to VisionCritical, the overall impact of bad customer experiences in the U.S. alone is $537B.

  • Legacy cloud and on-premise solutions are expensive, due to the underutilization of user subscriptions, ongoing integration costs, and expensive upgrades.

  • Changes take too long, requiring calls, contracts, and waiting for the vendor to scale, make updates, add, or remove users, change contact flows, update functionality, or scale.

  • Frequent outages caused lapses in service, and ultimately lost revenue and wasted labor.


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Modern contact center solutions like Amazon Connect are designed to address the top considerations for improving contact center customer experience and management:

  1. Call center cost management
  2. Call center platform ease of implementation
  3. Flexibility of call center solution
  4. Support for multisite contact centers
  5. Breaking down call center team silos
  6. Managing call center experiences in unpredictable business environments
  7. Software integrations (i.e. Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.)

Learn how modernizing your contact center environment will deliver a customer experience your clients will rave about and business leaders will enthusiastically praise due to increased customer satisfaction and profits. Get a quick analysis to help you estimate the benefits you can realize while meeting the unique requirements of your contact centers and, more importantly, your customers. To get a customized quote, fill out our simple six-question estimate request.


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